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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
You can download them here.
Thanks for betas!

Game version used: Mission Elevator (1987)(Softgold).adf (CRC 027280B0)
WinUAE quickstart configurations used: A500, OCS Agnus, KS1.2, 512KB Chip RAM

Test results: (by using simple test explained in post #60)

winuae231b1 = the problem appeared 1x in 5 min
winuae231b6 = the problem appeared 1x in 5 min
winuae231b7 = the problem appeared 0x in 5 min (pure luck I guess)
winuae231b8 = the problem appeared 3x in 1 min ->
winuae231b9 = the problem appeared 3x in 1 min
winuae231b13 = the problem appeared 3x in 1 min

Obviously the problem starts to appear quite often from the beta 8 version! (winuae problem !?)

Also, beta 1 and beta 6 shows us that the game problem still exists, but it doest appear often.
(I guess this is similar as on a real hardware, i.e. see yt-video on post #41)

EDIT: Several observations that may or may not be helpful:

Regarding the beta 7:

(1) If CPU Frequency is changed from 7MHz (A500) to 14MHz (A1200) or 28MHz (2x) the problem still does not appear in beta 7 !
(but if emu is started in "cycle-exact=disabled" mode the problem will appear very soon !)

(2) If emu is started with "sound=disabled" the game will stop after the title screen !
(and will not continue when the sound is enabled again... it also stops the game if sound is disabled during game play)

Regarding the beta 8:

(1) Changing the CPU Frequency does not change anything - the problem is still there !

(2) Same as on beta 7 !

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