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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Nope. Laptop speakers. Sound is really bad (don't want to ruin my monitor speakers with it tbh).
I think your problem is the source. This doesn't sound like this at all on an Amiga. The audio I tried it's clipped to fuck, so of course it is distorted. Did you not say you recorded from some sort of modern PC/Mac player software?
YOU ARE LISTENING ON LAPTOP SPEAKERS? Plug headphones in, for goodness sake. Or a Hifi stereo amp. OK, it will sound OK on a huge laptop with a built in sub bass unit, but 99% of laptops do not have those and screw up anything played through them to a certain extent.

No, the data started as a set of 16 bit samples extrapolated from an original MOD file, just using software alone (Windows Sonique, in this case) on the original mod file. No hardware resampling was done AT ALL with these remasters.

No point, it would have made things worse. That's actually the question mark in getting a hardware package to sound as good as the FLAC. I suspect you need to sample at huge sample rate in 32 bit to really make it work. Get true 16 bit stereo from four 8 bit channels.

That's pretty much how CBM planned to improve the Amiga sound, with an onboard DSP doing the work. That's what they planned for AAA, but I don't know if AAA even had a Paula replacement. It didn't really need one unless you were a professional sound engineer. Or say, a naval sonar operator or other Electronic Warfare person. All my opinion, of course. Dave Haynie would know, he was the chief. He's probably unaware of the military applications. Tech has moved on, but at the time I guess some Admirals or higher crapped themselves when they worked out the potential, and what it meant to the arms race. with the Berlin Wall tumbling down. CBM had links to USN from the early days. And those "Admirals or higher" might not have been USN. Oy vais, they might have technically been Jewish, but then again so am I on a DNA test. Goes with the surname if your ancestors have been playing straight, on the level.

I'm not pointing the finger at ANYBODY, OK? American, British, whoever. Water under the bridge, all that stuff. If it really happened that way, I'm not bothered. I can't change the past.

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