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Originally Posted by radfoo View Post
I agree, still backed for 2 sets but don't think i'll put one in an A500 or A2000 keyboard (at least not the white "original"). I asked the same question to Philippe in the comments section and the answer said the "original" keyboard colour was designed to match there white A1200 case. Also asked about the light grey keys might be close but Philippe missed that part of my question. It is a shame but I guess they can't meet everyones requirement, good they are doing this, hopefully in the future they can make an "old original original" version, fingers crossed.

Hi Guys,

Actually i did answered to that question but somewhere else i guess.

Here is it in short, and the reason why we're not doing it:
- While we do understand that most of you would like to get the "Original" A500/A2000 colours in the keycaps Color chart, that's quite difficult.
In fact, even Commodore had slight differences in colors on their A500 depending when/where they were manufactured.

Add to this fact that most of you guys have yellowed A500 or A2000 keyboard cases, and these are all yellowed at different levels!

So i bet you understand the issues now!

So to keep it simple:
- We're consolidating our own color chart. The A1200NET color chart.
- Do not forget we're working on other products that will use the same color chart.
- Then at a certain point in time, we'll select ONE variant of original Commodore "Creme" theme and make it available for all the products we're working on.

There isn't any simple answer to this issue guys.
And we do understand your request.
But this isn't as easy that it might be at first sight.

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