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I and DamienD have come up with a solution that solves the problem I've mentioned in this thread, and it's quite easy to implement:

(bear in mind this is for fullscreen 32-bit display on a 1080p 50Hz or 60Hz monitor, you might have to adapt it for your own display resolution)

1. If your graphics card drivers allow you to do so, create a Custom Resolution of 1420x1080 at 60Hz (or 50Hz if you can, for that closer Amiga experience!)

2. Download the attached Host configuration which should display the Amiga screen directly in the centre of the 1420x1080 resolution area, with the actual graphics centred as well.

3. The 1420x1080 resolution is about 4:3 and may look stretched in 1080p, so you might need to change your graphics card to set the Scaling mode for Aspect Ratio to GPU.

The idea is that the custom setting for Horizontal Position of -244 (in Filter) should position the main part of the Amiga display right in the centre of the screen, and the custom resolution cuts off the unwanted sides of the Amiga display, including the larger left-hand side, and this specific resolution should be enough to show all of the Amiga display, but not any black borders that would show up with a wider resolution like 1440x1080 (which has been my experience).

Well, hope this helps to solve the problem I first mentioned in this thread, and I hope it's a useful option for you. Thanks, DamienD!
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