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Existing game versions:

Mission Elevator (1987)(Softgold).adf (CRC 027280B0)
Mission Elevator (1987)(Softgold)[a].adf (CRC 671147C4)
Mission Elevator (1987)(Softgold)[a2].adf (CRC D0E5E378)
(sps1282)missionelevator.ipf (CRC A7372BE2)

Working on WinUAE quickstart configurations:

A500, OCS Agnus, KS1.2, 512KB Chip RAM
A500, OCS Agnus, KS1.3, 512KB Chip RAM
A500, ECS Agnus, KS1.3, 512KB Chip RAM
A500, ECS Agnus, KS1.3, 1MB Chip RAM (Note: or with KS2.04 / KS3.1) (EDIT: and NOT A500+)

Game tested to work on A500 WinUAE quickstart configurations by using simple test explained in post #60 !
(works "fine" on v2.3.0 and starts with "the sound problem" from v2.3.1)

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Someone with a real Amiga who has the above specs needs to test

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