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Digitally Remastered 8 bit released

The FLAC is an example of "perfect" implementation of the concept. In practice it is unlikely the hardware would sound that good, and the other examples are fairer demonstration of what to expect. The MP3s are "warmer" but less defined, the "Oggs" are cleaner but more clicky (no digital delay added to Oggs). If you don't like the Oggs, save them as MP3 and they should sound less clicky.

They sound pretty damn hot, but any credit for that goes to the original musicians. They will be a mixture of MP3, Ogg and FLAC, and won't sound good on a real Amiga unless you are running on a Vampire. But they should give an idea of what a proposed sound processor will produce, when connected to the audio output jacks of a real Amiga.

The whole thing was done as a technology demonstrator for a possible add on, like the Omega and Pyramid sound enhancers. Work with any Amiga for quality boost of standard 8 bit playback, with no accelerator overhead. The difference is, it's a proper digital enhancement, and produces much better output. Not as good as a Delfina for quality, but more connectable for those without a clock port.

The hardware to do this WAS ludicrously expensive 20 years ago, but is now affordable. I'm aiming for a $100 price point or less (UK has never had it so good for manufacturing hardware). Maybe a lot less, I don't have current prices for technology required.

Rasp Pi and USB sound stick, pretty much. See if you can spot the "ringer" that has no origin with the Amiga or with a 4 track recorder. Such hardware would boost the output of music demos recorded with such gear, so it's not really just for Amigans.

Tracks are "Jesus on Ees", most of the rest from DJ Randall on the Suburban Bass release (Cu Amiga I think) and the rest are just stuff I like. Should not be too hard to track down and compare (JoE is on youtube, I know that).

Even if you just like 'em, post and let me know. They took a long time to do by hand.

The software used was Sonique, to extract the left and right audio data from a mod, and Audacity to do the processing. Nothing you could not do without the right hardware plugged into the audio ports of an Amiga.

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