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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
oh jesus! do you have any good site with a working (!) step by step tutorial, please?
Not really as I don't particularly care how other people configure theirs

I create a new system, new .hdf files and have it boot from the CDRom which would be configured on the CyberStormPPC card. I use the minimum needed, making sure to make the appropriate changes to the DOSTYPE for the filesystem depending on FFS or SFS. I get it booting, then I shut down and add a new a network card, boot and install/configure the software. When it's working I move on to the next thing like changing to UAEGfx etc..

It's much easier to do things now that you can map a windows folder as a drive as before I had to use another WinUAE setup to make .adf's of all the utilities/software I would need.

In WinUAE, under the MISC setting, check the "add 1 sec delay to boot" as this will give you more time to press and hold the ESC key after launching your config with the cyberstormPPC so you can get in to it's menus (enable boot from CD, turn off maprom, etc...).
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