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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
sorry, Toni - I must have overlooked this one!

maybe because I dont know, what you´re talking??? I got some rom image for the PPC board, a phase5 cyberstorm.... what do you mean by "a clean one"?

where do I find the "CSPPC boot menu maprom" ???

need explaination, please!
You can also try not using/configuring a PCI busboard (Mediator/GREX). Those use up Zorro III address space.

Try with Picasso IV and C= 2065 emulated with ethernet.device, it will use less address space and then try to add 256MB Zorro III memory.

CS PPC Boot menu is accessed by holding down the ESC key immdiately after starting WinUAE. In the "System" option there is an option to MapROM. Make sure it is OFF.
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