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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
It's not about improving WinUAE's accuracy; if there's an issue with the original game on floppy disk and it also occurs on a real Amiga (as per your linked video) then it's not a WinUAE issue...

Anyway, obviously I cannot post the small self-booting WHDLoad .HDF on EAB as it contains a Kickstart ROM.

I will however upload and send you a link so that you can try it

...use a Quickstart "A1200 - 4MB Fast RAM expanded configuration".
Yeah, but the problem happens so frequently in versions after v2.3.0, and that is the point. (Even I didn't managed to repeat it on v2.3.0 ever, but you said it happened.)

Thanks for hd version, but that is also not the point. (v2.3.0 already works fine for me)
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