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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yes, happened for me with v2.3.0 from memory.

Isn't the YouTube video you linked to a recording of somebody playing the game on a real Amiga?

Not really sure what you're getting at with this comment...

WHDLoad is a tool to play games from a hard drive, also on later Amiga models these original floppy disks wouldn't work. Corrections to any bugs in the original floppy disks are also patched thanks to the slave coders.
So, it happened with v 2.3.0 then, but now it doesn't?

Yeah, it seems very clearly that yt-video is made on a real hardware.
(I don't know if there exist a such nice filter for winuae. )

IMHO, beside of a tool to play from a hard drive, there is a lots of patches applied into every WHDLoad to make thinks work. (that's what I meant, or in other words it can't help to improve winuae accuracy)
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