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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Well, I went ahead and created a custom 1440x1080 resolution on Nvidia Control Panel (because I had done it before, but a long while ago) and much to my surprise, it appeared in WinUAE when I next ran it!

As for the black border to the right, I found that -200 was around the maximum I could set the horizontal placement before it appeared, so I've kept it at that. It looks better than before, anyway.
Great news Foebane, glad that you now have a solution that suits your setup
Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
But the real bonus is that with my monitor I can set a 50Hz refresh rate for the 1440x1080, meaning that I get closer to the genuine PAL Amiga experience!
Now that is cool; my Intel card doesn't let me set 50Hz

...maybe it's time for me to try setting a custom resolution using the NVIDIA card

Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
I'll alter my configurations to this new setting and see how I get on, but it's looking promising - thanks for your advice, once again!
Good stuff.

If you have loads of configuration files as I do (one per game, currently 1576) then a good tool to bulk edit is Notepad++.

For example, with changing your resolution from "1920 x 1080" to "1440 x 1080" you would do this:

a) Load Notepad++.
b) Select "Search" --> "Find in Files...".
c) Point to the directory where your configuration files are (see image below).
d) Enter in "gfx_width_fullscreen=1920" for your old resolution in the "Find what" area (see image below)
e) Enter in "gfx_width_fullscreen=1440" for your new resolution in the "Replace with" area (see image below)
f) Click "Replace in Files".

Saves me sooooo many hours of work compared to having to do this manually
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