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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I deleted all old betas to save space. They are not coming back to new site but if there is some other place.

btw, no guessed without real hardware tests! Something looking or feeling wrong means nothing without proof!
Hmm, I am a little surprised that you're sounds not interested to find and see what changes in one of winuae2.3.1 betas produces that problem !?

(But if you find a way to send me those betas, I can find the problematic beta for you.)

I agree it needs also testing on a real hardware, but as it behaves now is probably not close, as it happens more often.

Fast and simple test for winuae and on a real hardware would be:
At the 1st flour walk between the lift and the chair several times !

If the sound problem happens frequently same on both, winuae and a real hardware, no problem.

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