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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
For non WB stuff (e.g. games) it's pretty normal that the image isn't 100% centred. Even on real hardware. As Damien said, you had to tinker with the TV/monitor horizontal settings, the latter had knobs to tune it properly.

edit: And Toni just explained why.
Thank you, Toni, Retro-Nerd and DamienD!

I was wrong about Damien's second suggestion that I thought didn't work, but it just moved the overscan and graphics area around the screen, which was not what I wanted.

As for the real hardware being that way, I used a real A500 and A1200 on several TVs back in the early 1990s, and I don't remember an off-centre look to the display, but then my memory of that time is quite hazy, and it's possible that the TVs were calibrated properly to begin with, OR, I just took it as normal with the platform. I really can't remember. However, if Toni and other hardcore Amiga users and software engineers say so, then that's good enough for me!
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