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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yup, as far back as I can remember this has always been the way in WinUAE...
Must've been some kind of restriction Toni had to work with.

a) Under "Display" tick "Centering / Horizontal" (this is sometimes bad as when a screen is presented it seems to jump to the left).
Tried that, it was horrible the way the picture jumped around with Vertical as well. Reminded me of the crap I had to put up with under Amiga Forever's configs.

b) Don't do the above but from under "Filters" set "Horiz. postition" to be "-250".
I have a "Null Filter" which doesn't seem to do anything, and I can only set the horizontal position in steps of 100 anyway.

As you say though, not really sure why it's the default. It's been 20 years or so, can't remember if it was like this on my real A500; hence you had to adjust the V-Hold / H-Hold on the monitor.
Yes, that's the problem, as the Amiga was originally designed for 4:3 CRT TVs, and with modern 1080p displays we get the full overscan area plus black bars at the sides, which makes everything look uneven.

But having a picture jumping around on some demos is even worse.

In any case, just last year I'd recorded almost 200 demo videos straight from WinUAE with the above configuration using Shadowplay, and I'm damned if I'm going to do it again.
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