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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It shouldn't happen unless you selected WASAPI EX (exclusive) sound mode.
OK I see this in another config:

win32.soundcardname=WASAPIX:Speakers (CLARO II)

My original config - That already works now due to trial and error:

win32.soundcardname=WASAPIefault Audio Device

So I added this to the original config:

win32.soundcardname=WASAPIX:Speakers (CLARO II)

Just to make sure I do not go fumbling around with the settings and screw thing up.

Thank You.

win32.soundcardname=WASAPIX:Speakers (CLARO II) - Did not work. So I went to OpenOL and sound works as wanted, except I have to alt-tab to start winamp.

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