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Possible problem with Collision detection !

Tested configuration: quickstart A500, KS12 or KS13, 512KB + in Chipset set the Collision level to Full. (tested on WinUAE 3400)

The problem: collision detection in two examples:

Rotor (1989)(Arcana)[cr CLS][t +1 Aurora].adf (CRC 30495158)
Rotor (1989)(Arcana)[cr Defjam - CCS][t +3 FLT].adf (CRC B382936E)

If in the 1st menu change :
F2 - Unlimited lives OFF -> to ON
F3 - Collisions ON -> to OFF

In the game play the "ship" is destroyed when pass the "border" area !? (hmm, but the collisions is set to OFF)

Does it behave the same on a real machine too ?

Edit: If it doesn't, that would mean collisions are not yet "Full" emulated !


And this one (for example) is not problematic in the WinUAE:

Rotor (1989)(Arcana)[cr][t +4 ATZ].adf (CRC 498B9599)

If in the 1st menu change:
Unlimited Lives: OFF -> to ON
Collision Backgr: ON -> to OFF

It works as expected ! (i.e. its possible to pass the "border" area with the "ship" without being destroyed)

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