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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
Ah yes - from what I see, the titles on the buttons are rubbish / their meanings are messed up!

I´ve found the right button now, but updates are crashing towards the end - because of sucky 45MB RAM I got in 4.1

Got no time and desire to install everything new from scratch, it was a pain in the a$$, AFAIR...

So I stay away from developing and porting some software to OS 4.1 system for now

best regards
Well you did modify your OS4.1 startup-sequence to change the bootloader line to say this?:


That will tell the OS4 kernel to search for Z3 memory and add it.

You of course have to tell WinUAE to use Z3 memory. Start with a small amount and move up from there.

It does work, both on real hardware and on WinUAE.

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