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Winuae Sound Options

Hey, I am new here, but I swear I had an account before.

I don't want to bore you with my amiga 500 in the old years. So right to the point. I love Winuae, its my favorite emulator, MAME being second. That said I always have an Issue with Winuae (every other emulator I have no problem with), I cannot share my sound card with a music player, say Winamp. I go though the options and find one that works then somehow it stops working.

Here are the specs:
HT Omega Claro 2 - Excellent card by the way
The Audio Controller on my card is C-Media Audio Controller
Digital Optical out to Sony 5.1 Cordless headphones, and / or Logitech 5.1 Digital coax out.

I just tried using analog input on my headphones, Still the same.

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