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I saw this myself just now (paid £3.75 for an SD rental on Amazon) and I was reasonably entertained, although I realised after a while they were almost exclusively covering the Amiga from the US side of things and barely touching the Demoscene in Europe, which frankly is possibly the only thing keeping Amiga alive now, as far as I know. But in all, it was a reasonable documentary, although I doubt it will keep the interest of non-Amiga lovers. In fact, my Amiga-hating friend from back in the day, if he saw the second half of this documentary he'd laugh his head off, as would a die-hard PC owner I knew back around the same time.

I thought I was a die-hard Amiga zealot, but some of these people are REALLY committed, whereas I jumped ship just a year after Commodore went bust, partially for that reason but mainly because of a little PC game called Doom.
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