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Why didn't I find this forum sooner?

Hi all!

Given the amount of time I spend online in any given day, I'm really surprised I've only just found this forum! But I'm here now, hi everyone!

I've been an Amiga user since Christmas 1992, when my dad bought an A1200 instead of a Megadrive for me and my brother. Suffice to say, we were delighted (the playground bragging rights alone made it all worthwhile).

It was primarily for games then - I had no understanding of what else it was capable of at that point! Then in 1996, it was relegated to my bedroom by the arrival of a PC. After I got over the ooo shiny! factor of the new beige box, I finally started poking the A1200 again, and that was it. Hooked.

It's currently sitting next to me, ensconced in a Power Tower with a Blizzard 1230 MkIV in it, 32Mb RAM, 1gb HDD and a no-name 6x IDE CD-ROM drive - having finally been retrieved from storage at my parents house! Just giving it a quick once over before attempting to fire it up and some googling for info led me here

Also found the rest of the small collection I'd began amassing:
The survivors
  • A1200: In original desktop case, a Gotek will be added here.
  • A600: Soon to be recapped. It stopped booting but removing the usual suspect restored access to the purple screen of floppy disk insertion.
  • CD32: Has a duff lid, you need to hold it open so the support arm seems to have bought it. Otherwise working fine.
  • A500: Inherited this from a friend, but the battery had gone. Too much damage to fix here sadly.
  • A500: Another hand me down, another friend found this lurking in a loft of a house he bought. Sadly, battery issues once more.
  • A500+: Bit gutted about this one, was my uncles. First Amiga I ever saw in action. Having been using a Speccy 128 the opening of Lotus II made a big impact on my young self - specially through a decent separates sound system on a huge (at the time) 21" TV. Once more, battery death.
  • A2000: Rescued from my old high school when they were having a clear out, was originally in the Home Economics department. I remember wrapping it up in industrial type clingfilm (like they use on pallets) then giving it to a relative to store in a loft. I've yet to remember which relative At this point, I worry I'm looking at battery based death again.

Anyway, sorry for the huge first post - but I'm jolly happy to be here
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