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Just a few comments...

A second DH0: becomes DH0_0: on real hardware as well.

If you are booting a system hardcoded to use dh0 (cwb or otherwise) from a partition that is renamed to dh0_0, you can boot without startup-sequence to avoid errors.
For larger drives that rely on setpatch or other scsi.device patch during boot, I'd simply rename the new partition temporarily instead (in hdtoolbox)

If you simply copy files in shell, use the all and clone arguments as mentioned.
Copying large partitions in Dopus can fail due to running out of RAM.
I prefer to store backups of system installs in lha archives in case I screw something up. (lha a -aezrx source dest) (uncompressed, quicker)

A CF card in a PCMCIA adapter (compactflash.device) can have any file system, not just FAT.
Booting from PCMCIA was not unheard of in the nineties, with products like archos overdrive (IDE HDD over pcmcia) They used a tiny cco: drive or something similar to autoboot.

As idrougge said, I don't think cf/sd cards work at all with cc0:, hence the reason for compactflash.device. (which by the way is romable, and apparently you can even boot with fat95, check the docs )

Edit: So for the OP, if it was not already clear: Yes you can simply copy the files.
And I'd use PFSaio as the file system.

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