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Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
I remember how drab everything looked ten years ago.
Really? You ain't seen a classic Amiga really blow minds till you seen it running a particular piece of mine. The original, as it were.

It's like any demo, you've had enough after an advert length or more. Unless it's listening to a piece of music that you are emotionally attached to. Then it can... well, I'll just have to shut up and put up, soon as I can.

Realtime sound FFT analysis with graphical feedback related to bitmaps and colour strobing. Pseudo 24 bit psychedelia, synthetic synasthesia, on OCS or later Amigas, Yah mon. See any music. Hear any vision.

Very nice principle code to understand if you've got a bunch of analogue inputs to monitor on a digital system in real time. Limited to 8 bit audio though, and VERY limited in other respects. But the source might be of educational use alone to study. It's certainly not system or WB friendly, very hacky. Could be adapted to use system 8520 CIA timers, but would not be as sensitive SNR ratio higher ratio in operation, I think.

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