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I see. I realize there are also some post effect shaders in direct3d.cpp that are output as _winuae.fx. The file _winuae.fx can be used to override at least those without re-compiling direct3d.cpp. Excellent. Those seem to always be active.

And they give the "correct" picture.

So _winuae.fx, and presumably in Null Filter (are they the same?), you use the variable mtx for your WorldViewProjection.

In the user filters, the only semantic available for this is WORLDVIEWPROJECTION.

I have a hunch that they are not doing exactly the same, but it is just a hunch:

If I remove the projection from the vertex shader in _winuae.fx. I get a certain result. It is an Amiga screen that is too small. Note: I simply replaced the
Out.Position = mul(float4(pos, 1.0f), mtx);
Out.Position = float4(pos, 1.0f);

to remove any effect of mtx.

If I replace the equivalent projection
OUT.oPosition = mul(float4(pos, 1.0f), WorldViewProjection);
OUT.oPosition = float4(pos, 1.0f);
in my user "NULLTEST" shader, I get a different result (an Amiga screen that is about two times smaller again).

Is there any way to access "mtx" from within user shaders?
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