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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
@Pat the Cat, sound like you had a break from Amiga for a bunch of years.
I used to follow Natami "with one eye" while not being very active Amiga user (meaning all Amigas stored away in the basement) but in the end it *was* the promise of a reignited 68k Amiga that got me back to being active again.
Its really been picking up speed the last 1.5 years or so. And now we are a whole bunch of ppl with Vampire equipped Amigas and stuff like AMMX optimized software is starting to show up (so suddenly you can play movies @640x360 on your old Amiga)

It's still very much a "beta tester" experience, but its pretty impressive, so if you wanna "come back" for real, now's a good time.
Well, I always wanted to "check in", in the sense of contributing some more work for the Amiga. I did learn a lot about recasing and mobilizing Amigas. I've certainly never gotten rid of all my kit, and it's about time I at least organized the heap.

When I checked out of Amiga Format, I still had about 2 cubic meters of back mail addressed to me. That alone took a year and a half to shed from the load.

But, I wrote a bit, earned a 4:2:2 mixing desk, and did some gigs with the two of the beasties in a travelling case. It's not like all I did was write a lot of old bollocks that was more popular than Penthouse at the time. That's all gone, in terms of hardware, but I think I've still got quite a bit of my old executables intact, and they should still be quite fun for other people to enjoy sometime. It's not like I ever released them after I coded them. They vary a lot in requirements, but some should work fine on a low end Amiga, with a suitable 8 bit sound sampler and mic attached. You can wire straight into a DJ soundsystem but that can cause issues, a mic'd up sampler does the trick nearly as good.

I thought, let's see if you can do that, help other folks VJ if they want to. Didn't realize things were as hot as this on the Amiga till I stepped in and had a chat.

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