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And I said I won't until I don't have room for an A1200 with (!) HD.
Just for emulator hacking and testing around, this is too expensive for me. Full stop. And if I can't get "a way 'round it", I can't play that game yet. Full stop.
Gladly there are still WHDload authors who release installs for unregistered users.
Well, all the installs are freeware, but WHDLoad is shareware.
If you don't want to support it, it's your choice or your problem.
But I don't want to waste my time to crack game because some users want to play the game but can't because it needs a reg key.

You can still ask to Wepl to do a freeware version of WHDLoad,
but i don't think that the site and whdload project will be alive for a long time and i don't believe that pathers will continue to create install...

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