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No the only available semantics are those listed here:

plus the ones in the WinUAE direct3d.cpp code here:

(e.g. INPUTDIMS etc)

Your wvp gymnastics you proposed can never reveal the screensize those are all scaled coordinates always. There are tons of articles about it online, but very hard to find reliable info apart from NVidia shader tutorial and MSDN HLSL articles.

But anyways VPOS works just fine in the pixelshader. Causes a bit more overhead, but will work.

But unless I can get the D3D Nullfilter to give EXACTLY the same output with the same pixels as the internal Null Filter and the internal "none" filters, this is a fruitless endeavor and will never become a true sharp-bilinear with perfect integer prescale.

I am opening another thread to report that shader inconsistency between NULL filters.

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