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Originally Posted by esc View Post
UAE will refer to the hdf as DH0: and the CF card's DH0: partition as DH0_0: - copying the files from the hdf to the cf card results in a 100% accurate clone of the hdf. The card will be known as DH0: once it is in a real Amiga. This is simple and foolproof. There is no cause for concern. I've done this dozens of times.
Yeah, but a 100% clone isn't guaranteed to boot as well on a real Amiga. Sometimes you can copy and it will boot, sometimes not, and that depends how the CF connects to the Amiga, and what breed of Amiga it is. And very much, the contents of the HDF... some are just strange. In general, the older they are, the more alien.

UAE of various flavours can do it a lot of ways, I'm sure. But a lot of people are having troubles getting old Amiga archives to BOOT AS WELL from CF or SD or whatever. as well, on resurrected Amiga hardware That's the core of the general situation.

There is another issue too, with resurrection. Sweeping the HDF derived system for malware. If you do use an old magazine Coverdisk CD as a starting point, there's no telling what garbage you end up with. It probably won't be dangerous until you execute some code by clicking icons on the systems, but even so, here be dragons. Malware is rife currently, quite frankly. On a lot of systems worldwide, of many flavours.

You are probably OK with any Amiga release anyway, so long as you steer clear of self booting floppies and third party applications and games or demos of the period. Especially reader sourced product from a magazine. Or public domain software of the period. Not much is infected, in old archives, maybe 1 in 10000 executables or less, I guess. And none of them are "contagious" unless executed.

However, it's out there, and watch out for those sneaky littlebastards

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