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Originally Posted by LuigiThirty View Post
I've got a networked A2000 with an X-Surf 100 and a PC with Windows 10. I'd like to be able to mount a Windows share as a drive in the Amiga if that's possible. If I can't use a Windows share directly, what's some third-party software I can use to make a folder on my PC accessible from the Amiga? The tutorials I can find on this are years old and seem to apply to Windows XP.
First you need to set up the TCP/IP network of course.

Then you can use SMBFS to access SMB or CIFS shares.
There are some quirks, though. The older version stopped working with Windows since Vista and the lastest version is unstable from time to time.

Another possibility would be to use Amiga Explorer.
But in this case you would have to push your compiler output to the Amiga from the Windows computer.

I'm not aware of an Amiga networking solution. (Which doesn't mean that there isn't one, I'm just not interested in this topic.)

The best solution IMHO is an external Linux or NetBSD (Samba) based NAS drive. For example a Synology DiskStation. But you can as well use OpenMediaVault or NAS4Free on a RaspberryPI. The NAS can be accessed as a network drive from Windows and with SMBFS from the Amiga.
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