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Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post

The fastest you are going to be able to access the data is the network time, plus the drive time. (Fastest Amiga network access = about 2.5MB a second). That's assuming Windoze is actually doing what you want, as opposed to what the NSA wants.

If you put an SD card reader inside the A2000 on the SCSI bus, that would access at about 2.5MB per second or faster (sometimes MUCH faster for very flash SCSI controllers).

Plus, you could use the SD card to transfer files between the two systems. Hours faster than using a network.
I've got an SD card as a hard drive in it already

I'm writing software in WinUAE and want to be able to access the compiler's output folder in my WinUAE hard drive (which is a folder on my PC, not a hardfile) from my real A2000. Maybe there's an Amiga-based file sharing solution that would work over the network?
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