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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
What is scaled picture? Final output resolution?
Winuae draws pixels into a direct3d texture that has certain dimensions (INPUTDIMS in the shader). Then it tells direct3d to display that texture at some scaled size on the host screen letting direct3d do that scaling. I need that scaled size passed into the shader. For example as OUTPUTDIMS, that's all.

It would be nice if it was automatically updating the new shader variable everytime the user changes it. For example if the user resizes the Window if UAE is in Windowed mode, such an update would be really cool because the sharp_bilinear_simple shader would auto adjust it's prescale values in real time keeping the picture always sharp.

For example if the user makes the window much smaller, and autoscale is on, OUTPUTDIMS might go from 1280*1020 down two 400*300 or some other value, as the window in which WinUAE is displayed becomes smaller. At the same time INPUTDIMS will stay constant because the original texture containing the amiga side pixels does not change.

But OUTPUTDIMS is not just the window size or screen size set in the display panel, because of aspect correction. WinUAE sometimes leaves large black borders, mostly on the left and right with widescreen displays. And those should not be part of the OUTPUTDIMS unless they are drawn into the direct3D texture, too. I think they are not, because the status line is not drawn in those borders usually. So those don't seem to be part of the texture that WinUAE is scaling onto the host display.

This OUTPUTDIMS (or however you want to call it) would also allow to test the shader very well, because at certain window sizes (2*INPUTDIMS,3*INPUTDIMS etc) the shader should produce a perfect image with no blurring since it will just do a perfect integer scaling and that's it.

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