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Originally Posted by hexaae View Post
I used to play with Null (Extra Settings: Point/Bilinear 1:1) filter for sharper pixels... selecting 'D3D:Sharp Bilinear Simple' will theoretically improve emulation performance?
No, performance will probably go down when enabling the filter. But the pixels should be sharper and/or show less pixel wobble. Depending on your drawing system (ddraw, d3d) The "null" setting and "point/bilinear 1:1" will result either in an image like my attached blurry one or in an image that's "perfectly sharp" but shows wobble.

Pixelwobble is when you have a slow scrolling game (or move the mouse pointer slowly in WB) and you see the pixel sizes "change" from square to rectangular. Some people don't mind that I hate it.

The Sharp_Bilinear_Simple will give you a sharp image like my attached sharper image without wobble. Notice there's still a bit of blur, unless your PC screen size is an exact multiple of the Amiga screen size and you use those factors in the shader.

Note this works only IF and ONLY IF your integer pre-scale numbers are not too large (depends on your PC screen size and Amiga screen size) see OP.

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