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Originally Posted by gntavelis View Post
Hello and happy new year xD

I would like to ask a question...

Most people they will agree that non dos disks are disks that they have a custom format from the developer of the game that is not readable from amiga dos. Did the crack groups had to retain this custom format for the game to play?

I know its just curiosity and nothing else.

Moderators please feel free to move this thread to where is more suitable.

Depends on the format.

If the disk is AmigaDOS disk with 1 protection track and the game loads using sectors/tracks instead of visible files, theres no reason to mess with that unless the game is really small and might single file or be ripped to its original files because its so small.

Depending on the copy protection would determine how a cracker would do the disk format. In some cases, doing a dumb read of the disk and then inserting a suitable sector loader was quick enough and easy enough to crack the game, other times a 1 off copy protected disk was easier and quicker to crack to AmigaDOS files instead.
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