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Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
Incorrect. There is a command called WBRun which loads programs as if you double clicked on the icon to start it, reads all the tooltypes from the icon.
Nice derailment but nope. Have you tested this? I tested wbrun and it is completely useless for WHDLoad. wbrun does not take a .info file and then launch it as if you double clicked on it. It can't launch .info files at all. It can launch only other programs and then maybe just maybe it will load the tool types from associated .info? Does it REALLY load the tool types? I doubt it but didn't test after I found out it is useless with WHDLoad slaves. Which brings me back to how terrible tooltypes are again as a concept.

In other words, for sure wbrun cannot launch .info files directly. And WHDLoad slaves have an icon but there's no executable to launch with wbrun, only a .slave file.

So the ONLY option for this seems to be kgiconload. That makes sense to me because otherwise KG wouldn't have gone through the trouble of making kgiconload.

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