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Well, some mixed news on the scanner.

The so called "million lines plus inventory electronics depot" I was planning on picking up a green line laser from - stocks one, yes, one type, that is incompatible with the design.

Happily, that green line laser is an extra upgrade that boosts colour reproduction rather than a key component, although it can theoretically improve the scan resolution beyond 50 microns too... Plus, at least the extra servo needed for its motion is in my greasy paws, that did happen. Other potential upgrades also happened or are in progress, so mostly it's been good.

Anyway, it's in the process of final assembly in it's basic form, and the first scans should be happening in a couple of hours, if all goes according to plan. Probably not, but it does occasionally happen.

I've been thinking about this, and it might be a good idea to add some flexibility to the end user, in terms of having motherboard,type presets, adjustable case type, and a hard drive size type (2.5, 3.5, 5.25, drive height). Having a list of parametric adjustables, like how tall you want it, the angle of the top bracket, to support the keyboard, etc. . That's doable, and very easy to access for end users in a web interface called OpenJScad. But that's for another week.

The NICE part about plastic parts is, you can cut and drill out too narrow holes in them to a perfect diamter after they're printed, if they are not quite designed right. But ideally, it should be take parts + screws, attach, and push in. That can take a few revisions, so please be patient.
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