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Enough RAM now for games like WipeOut 2097

So can someone help me to understand the significance of this OS4.1 update please?

I run all Amiga stuff under WinUAE (3 iterations; A500 / KS 1.3, A1200 / KS 3.1, & OS3.9 / AmiKit V8). Despite the lousy software support I've kind of always wanted to complete the set with an OS 4.1 iteration especially since Tony did that great work to support OS 4. However ppl have kept reporting the issue of having bog-all RAM left under WinUAE due to something to do with the emulated PPC accelerators not supporting something something. As I understood it this meant that games like WipeOut 2097 wouldn't run so my question is now Hyperion (or whoever) have implemented this update does that solve the issue & mean that I can now run pretty much all OS4.1 games / apps under WinUAE?

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