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If you connect through RGB it doesn't matter if it's PAL or NTSC, just that your display syncs at 50 and 60Hz.

If you don't use RGB, it will not display unless your display accepts PAL signals.
Gotek will run irregardless, but PAL games might not run in NTSC machines.

Basically, if you get an RGB monitor, you shouldn't have a problem, as I think all of them do both 50 and 60 Hz, and you should just leave the Amiga running in PAL (50Hz) mode.
I think that Atari monitor could and could not work, depending on the version, I would just try to get an Amiga monitor or something more modern that does RGB or something (search these boards for LCD displays). They can be found for cheap in local sales sites (have you tried Kijiji? )
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