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PAL Amiga(s) with NTSC switch, Gotek ?

Hello, I want to know about whether certain model of PAL Amiga will work in Canada (NTSC) as some people say certain models have a on/off style switch of switching from PAL to NTSC. Do you know which models those ones are, and does it work reliably ? What if we got one and turned on the NTSC switch and installed a gotek/cf card with it, will it still load up all the amiga games ever made and run ok or is there more type of mod to do? I'm thinking that since were in Canada it would be more preferable to get a NTSC machine but they're hard to come across

And for monitors screens I heard also that certain models of the Atari SC1224 can work along with the Amiga with a special type of cable that was once sold in parts of the USA, does anyone know where to buy this cable online ? It seems like a good investment.

anyway thank you for any helps

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