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Originally Posted by grond View Post
The "N68050" is now the 68080 or Apollo Core and available in the Vampire accelerator cards. The Vampires are faster than even the Phase5 PPC Cards and faster than 060 accelerators by a factor of approximately 3. So far they are available for the A600 and the A500/1000/2000 but there will be cards for the other Amigas, too. Demand is high and production numbers relatively low. You can find more information on
AHa, that explains a lot. Still leaves me with a few questions though... but thank you.

It is... no, my lappy battery is nearly dead, I'll leave it there... save for one thing.

Where is Natami, the lone individual who was supposedly left behind, or decided to part ways, or whatever?

Oh yeah, no disrespect intended with the nomad allusion. I have been a nomad many, many times. Have seen many, many places.

Must fly, I have an HD Caddy to put online today!
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