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Originally Posted by whoAMi View Post
Hello All,
My question (the first of many to come, I am sure), is, where can I find information on how to preserve games on floppy disks to my hard drive, as it appears that some of the floppy disks have already begun to go bad, and those games are now unplayable?

Most of the games released on the Amiga, especially early, were not written to be hard drive installable. The exceptions were usually simulators, or games that came on lots of floppies anyway.

The good news is, there are a couple of routes to get them to load faster. One has already been mentioned.

Another way is to read the disks off into ADF (Amiga Disk Format) and then store them on a USB stick, plugged into a Gotek drive adapted for use with the Amiga.

The Gotek plugs into the floppy port, replacing the floppy drive, but reads a little faster. The Amiga can't tell the difference and thinks it's still loading from Floppy.

Treasure that 060 card, there's not many of them around anymore, working.

I suggest you start my making a list of the games you have. Most if not all of them will be downloadable anyway. You might have a very rare game, so you can check yourself if there's a version available or not. If you have a list, an inventory of the disks you have.

Don't panic about the floppies degrading. Chances are, it's all on the net already.
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