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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Did you ever see 'Rec' ? or 'The Happening' ?
the happening is cool - the rec i havnt seen, but from the plot it sounds funny -- or scary
I made a Deluxe Paint V icon, engaged. (all sizes, like normal) Then, I decided to see what would happen combining the engaged and unengaged versions together. They're all there! lol Then I started thinking why aren't I seeing engaged and unengaged icons on Win8? I look now and all's I see is the square background highlighted.

Is this feature unique to Amiga os? How would one want the two icons in Amiga os? (Simply 2 iff pics? )
i was thinking about that too - but there is the trashcan on windows,
which has a filled and empty status. not really the same, but somehow windows can handle this.
Is there a way to tell the Windows environment to upgrade to this feature? What about upgrading to an anim in addition to an engaged icon? (I looked online oh so briefly. (Recall more from memory than what I found. )) (((Not really worried about it actually)))
there are some windows shell replacements, i could imagine one of those may support those icons. it's been a while since i used one of those on a winxp machine. but i cannot even remember its name
now i use classicshell - which made me get rid of those win7+ starmenu/app style nonsense, but no icon feature like on the amiga.
Yes, gradients. I have access a thousand ways to Sunday, to them. Just haven't delved here, yet. (I was originally going for a square... feel, in the DPaintV icon. But, turns out, in icon form, (at least on my taskbar) looks better than I thought it would. It almost has a backlit glow about it. (Something I thought maybe I would try to achieve when I first started) It seems a little... milky, (would like to see a touch more crispness around the edges) (maybe gradients are about to come out of the drawer)
while looking at the new icons - with a soft gradient it would look too modern,
maybe not the right idea for an amiga related icon
Already made a 4th version to sure up the original pyramid dimensions and added DPaint custom font logo underneath. Came out nice. (Font logo needs work) (would be nice to see a Windows way to back-lite the font letters when 'engaged' )

Should I upload v4 to the Zone! ? (Or better yet, (it's still in beta), maybe I try changing file to txt and attach here... Standby...
i've got both on my desktop - the one with text is a bit too squeezed now - ok, i consider this as a beta
It didn't like simple ico nor changing to txt. But it had compressed! Is there a way to call up all files in the upload folder? (These aren't png's being used elsewhere in this forum, and I suspect they're taking up space)
click UserCP ( upper left) and look next for Attachement left lower part, here you get a list with your attached images and stuff. you can individualy select and delete some.
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