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New to Amiga . . . . Help!

Hello All,

Just got my first Amiga computer, an A2000 w/68060 @ 50MHz accelerator made by GVP and a hard drive (not sure what size it is), plus a big box of old games on floppy disks. It seems that most, or all of the games must be played from the floppy disks, as I can't find any directions on how to install them to the hard drive. My question (the first of many to come, I am sure), is, where can I find information on how to preserve games on floppy disks to my hard drive, as it appears that some of the floppy disks have already begun to go bad, and those games are now unplayable?

I am used to consoles, and some Windows PC games, so all of this Amiga stuff is new to me. It looks like this place is a great site for information, but I am suffering from info overload, as there is so much to see and learn.

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