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A nice thread found!
I've completed tons of platformers without cheats so far,
but only I remember is 1 "level". That is
"Super Return of the JEDI": the 3rd level that Leia(RIP!) saved Solo at the end.

Seriously, does anyone know "Woman rescues Man at the ending scene" platformer ?!

Main player charactor: female
Purpose of the game: Saving a specific male at the ending(showed before credit scrolls)
What kind of man: 20s~30s man (possibily... like Duke Nukem guy)
Genre: Platform game

Btw I remembered Ultima V,
If you choose a female charactor, that female saves a male (L.British) at the end.

Maria vs. Some Bastards (ZX Spectrum)
According readme file, Maria saves Willy who had been kidnapped.
It also looks nice graphics even though the game was designed for 48K.

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