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And the final listed layout stretch goal for Switzerland has now also been reached (thanks to the guys at I assume for the big jump).

What are the "missing" layouts if keyboards actually existed?
Online documentation for SetKeymap says:
"Keymaps include CDN,CH1,CH2,D,DK,E,F,GB,I,IS,N,S,USA0,USA1,USA2."
Canadian(?), Swiss 1(?), Swiss 2(?), German, Danish, Spanish(?), French, English UK, Italian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, English USA 1 2 and 3.

There may have been more layouts created for later Amigas as it was sold in more territories than just those languages would cover, not least Poland.

I assume the missing ones are "minority" layouts, Iceland has a population of only around 300,000. Do most Canadians use US keyboards with French Canadian being the alternative? Most Swiss speak German (65%) but there is also the French and Italian spoken widely so I assume the two layouts cover those variations somehow between them.
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