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In various forms of disgrace; (vanilla hardware)

A1200, 3, Surf Squrrel, VIDI PCMCIA, PCMCIA network cards (various)

A500 1.2, C501 RAM (Boo! Hiss), A570 CD-ROM / SCSI controller

Other bits of generic kit like floppiess and sound samplers. I'm planing on recasing them, got PSUs.

Nothing that impressive on it's own. But, I'm finishing up a 3D scanner to help make some more publicly downloadable 3D models for 3D printed Amga parts, hopefully within the next few days.


Lots of old floppies. Maybe 3-10 commercial titles not available Aminet or other sources. But they're very, very niche.

2-3 hard drives carefully awaiting backup and upload (old A3000 dev system containing unreleased PD demos for OCS / ECS / accelerators. Needs sound sampler attached to operate.

Same software is also on floppy, it's about 20-22 different floppy sets, but it's mostly interchangable between Amigas. It almost certainly will break on an emulator or post Amiga Technologes machines, as it's merciless and totally dirty, nasty code. Might be OK on Minimig or similar.

Classic miggy's love it. I used to walk into places with a mobile unit, demo it working, get hired to perform. Nightclubs, free parties, that sort of thing. Mostly I'd gig for free to get in the door, but sometimes I'd earn some cash.

I didn't just use my own material for VJing with the the Amiga, I'd run other demos as well. But, my stuff was popular with the DJs.

You could sync the output from the mixing desk into the sampler. Or via a microphone. The colour strobed animated displays (and there was a selection) would keep autosync to the music. Actually to the audio.)

Live. Not in a studio. Works in a studio too, of course.

Even if the magnetic media is all screwed (shouldn't be) I've still the code for my dems on hard copy. It's not a very big main loop. Half a K or so.

The demos are still pretty large, as they each contain a set of uncompressed bitmaps. Not all of them colour strobe.

The ones that have strobing have so so far caused no epilectic seizures, despite being demostrated to thousands of people over the years. Indeed, I started off by asking various epilectic friends to examine the effect.

I've also done a few remastering attempts at a handful of old top Amiga Tunes. Got them online somewhere, at least. Mostly D N B, trance, House, and of course, Jesus on Ees. I'll see if I can dig out a link.

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