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Oops. I could have sworn I'd posted already.

Thank you all for a wonderful site.

I used to be a Technical Editor on Amiga Format, which was a combined privalege and nightmare. About 90-early 92, I think. Which meant I didn't get to review demos, arcade games, commercial graphics or music apps, and had to answer technical questions one day a week over the phone (so did the other folks). Also responsible for the Coverfloppy, and all inherent errors and flaws in terms of composition apart from game demos. They either sucked or they didn't. Nobody ever dared let me review a network card, for the carnage that could have been wrought (Future Publishing was heavily ethernet dependent even then). Apart from that, I had to review 95% of the toys either handed or sourced directly by me.

Were Amiga Format ratings (AF Gold) ever biased in favour of advertisers? WELL... if it happened, maybe uniquely (I only know of ONE time), it was for the simple reason that Amigas of the time would not be able to run the application (non game) very well, but an accelerated Amiga would run it perfectly. Which isn't really unfair, I guess. I didn't think it quite rated (89) and I was told that it was going to be upgraded to an AF Gold. Tough. And as one adveriser put it, "A Format Gold is a Product Sold".

Haven't powered any up for a few years but still got bits of kit ready to be resurrected.

Hoping I can make some further small contributions. Looking ahead, rather than behind.
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