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Xanadu, Escape to Witch Mountain, Return From Witch

Mountain, Time Bandits, The Overlords of the UFOs... Yes, I've heard of the empathy quotient. Stupid to us, yes, diabolical to (Shh.. we do not speak his name. <speaking in whisper voice now> <lol>) <Harry Potter> yes, (brilliantly diabolical).

Just uploaded version 3.1 to the Zone! (Forgot I had done some improvements on the 'V', reapplied to the background, got rid of the extra border of the pyramid, readjusted size to fit the 512 x 512, worked backwards from there for the rest of the sizes. )

I'm seeing a lot of gradients in icons. (used together) May end up going back in and producing version 4. (Trying to stay original to form) ((the whole square box frame throws off the pyramid dimensions too much in my opinion))

OK. Going back in...


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