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Thanks you are right my files were messed up. It was really JUST my "SiedlerDE" slave icon that still showed that one line in the tool types. Of course that's the one I tested. It must have been because I had edited the tooltypes using iGame before. I copied that .info file back over and now it works!!!!

Tinylauncher still crashes with >3000 Games list when I go to any page past game number ~2860 or so. However I managed to split it up into two lists and use the Game list now for the first ~2000 games (first two hdf) and the Demo list now for the rest (third hdf). That works, but I had to manually join two databases for my first list since I use three hdfs. I used the join command to combine two Tinylauncher db files and then went in and adjusted the files that contain the game numbers and jump points manually. Luckily those are all ASCII files that can be easily adjusted. So it is basically working as intended!!!

Now I will transfer it back to my Vita and see how it holds up. Maybe boot straight into Tinylauncher. It really is quite a nice program. It is pretty much perfect now I would say!!!! Thanks for all the help and sorry for letting out some of my frustration.

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