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It's official!

Deluxe Paint V Logo Icon (Multi-Bundled up to 256 x 256) in the Zone! now!

GreenFish looks great! (The Best) of all I've seen. Saw other notable features in there too! (Animated stuff!) (Looks like it even goes up to 512 x 512 )

Didn't do any gimpulation. Saved each size svg straight to ico. Came out nice. Let me know, I can iron out the wrinkles if desired. My desktop (TaskBar) icon actually came out without any jagged edges (that I could ascertain). The Start Menu DPaintVLogoIcon came out nice too...

Click image for larger version

Name:	DPaintViconActionScreenshot.jpg
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Size:	117.1 KB
ID:	51530

Not sure. Maybe version 4? or end here?

Also, A Boy and His Dog could easily be interchanged with WestWorld. And elements of other movies too, namely They Live, but also Rock and Rule, The original Stepford Wives (70's), Logan's Run, The Boys From Brazil... it goes on and on.

OK. Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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