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Yes!! That was it!! (o instead of zero) lol

Now I'm making real (zoomable) icons. Didn't know that about gimp. I'd been going over the 'gimp icon tutorial' and everything. Saving as layers is easy. I'm also seeing gimp as superior to all these other icon editors. (Bout to check out the green one you found now)

Wow. This is great. Soon we'll have more Amiga icons on deck (to directly open Amiga apps from Windows environments)

I thought the (eab) internet shut down last night when I was about to post the "Thing" instructional/music video. (Had a suspicion it had anticipated my wanting to post this, prior) (lol)

I tried a website that has 26 of the best free online icon editors. Some were legitimate freeware. Most were a combo of free and/or trialware. This narrowed down the list to a few free, however, they didn't have the feature of scaling up to 256 x 256. (nor the ability to bundle) One title there, image to icon, which I also noticed was one I had downloaded as an lha, (I'm assuming was the Amiga version we tried out already) I downloaded a Windows version of Image to Icon and immediately, my Avira Browser/AntiVirus (and WinPatrol) were finding conflicts with the install. (Just so you know, don't try this one) (unless you're equipped to repel such threats) (Sometimes it's nice to be able to harvest the software if it can be cleaned up, so to speak. But, this title isn't one I'm going to try to 'clean')

Dang, saving as layers in gimp. I could've been doing this the whole time! LOL In fact, I had been checking the saves of these icon editors using gimp, as gimp shows the layered icons when saved properly. (the only title I found, trialware, Icon Love, I think, was creating these multi layered icons) (I had a stint of 'crap' regenerating itself once before, years ago, with Adobe Illustrator products. I was trying out trial versions and found they were real strict about enforcing the date/time the trial starts to the end of 30 days or so. I did manage to find a workaround, if I wanted to trick it into restarting the trial, but, I never went that route, as I'm finding freeware (gnu) type of software just as capable. (Only found a few features Ai could do better, just couldn't justify doing the trial workaround to access them) (not to mention, I could also go through an extra couple of hoops to accomplish the same thing, gnu style. )

OK. Perfect! (for the new year) (even though technically, the new year doesn't start until the first day of spring! lOl ) Expect to see new Amiga app logo svg/ico's, coming soon!

Thank you very much! Brother JZon

Sidenote: I'm leaning towards 'The Thing' theory. There's only so much that lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life can do. When this fails, more dastardly measures must be incorporated. The only thing that picks up where sex, drugs, money, and power leaves off is something like this. (an actual physical demonic coexistence) I must admit, it's hard to prove from a science fiction movie... But.... Why else would politicians do the things they do? (as money and power stops adding up in certain instances) (Actually a combo of 'The Thing' and another little known movie, "A Boy and His Dog" that put Don Johnson on the map)

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