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Now tooltypes do not crash Tinylauncher with a guru anymore. But they still only work with a few games. Basically, none of the games that include this weird "DON'T EDIT THE FOLLOWING LINES" tooltype load anymore. If I disable tooltypes it loads all the games again. Who came up with this horrible idea of putting all this junk data into icon tool types and how do I easily get rid of it? Tool types are really the worst idea of the whole Workbench OS IMO.

It still don't know what you are talking about. Tooltypes works fine in ClassicWB LITE, all of them for all games. Dude, you have a messed uped system. If NewIcons is properly installed everything is fine and the "garbage lines" in the Icon informations aren't there. I sorted this out with Gibson some years ago. It's even on his homepage.

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